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My name is M. Scott Ault and I am in need of a Business Manager. Without insulting you, but in the interest of “full disclosure,” I am launching a Not For Profit project called “Ocean Cyclist” that needs a second set of eyes and a keener sense of business acumen than I have. Thus, as this is pre- launch I haven’t secured a budget for this position and would appreciate a spare- time involvement for coaching and “choreographing” of events but I do anticipate competent, industry standard compensation to begin before the summer. As an artist, I have volunteered my time over and over with no hoped for return except “my friends will see your work” and it has, always, not really panned out as explained so, while I am sort of asking something similar- I do see actual cash payments in the near future and moving forward with the project goals. The project involves the build of a Pedal Powered boat that I intend to pilot entirely around the world hence the “not for profit” aspect. It’s an environmentally motivated project that aims to promote sustainability to a wider audience using many various forms of outreach the first and possibly most important being the publication of a quarterly digest sized (5″ by 8″ approx.) magazine titled “Savage Progress.” Check out the intro video to the magazine that was shot in The Boatshed right beside the nautical carcass that is slowly growing in to a fully enclosed, ocean going, pedal powered boat (100% pedal propelled 100% powered by pedalling) Just an FYI- my journey around the planet in my (as yet unnamed) pedal powered boat will be the FIRST ever full global circumnavigation in a Pedal Powered Boat (Jason Lewis did a lot of the world in his boat “Moksha” but he used her to cross from continent to continent) AND my journey might just be the first ever fully connected (digitally) circumnavigation thanks to an upgrade Starlink is just finishing up that gives internet coverage to nearly 100% of my route. With regards to the magazine I have already secured distribution down the US West Coast, across Canada from Vancouver to Ottawa and in to the New England area. I will be launching a viral/ regram campaign to increase awareness of the magazine (and the parent project) as well as to solicit contributions for the upcoming August release. The magazine has already secured, an article from Captain Paul Watson of the Captain Paul Watson Foundation (formerly of the Sea Shepards Society). I am, also, working with local talent for the production of graphics, visuals, content and scheduling some “minor” streamed events to take place between now and the launch date. I’m looking for someone that already looks outside of the box and is willing to share your knowledge such that Ocean Cyclist will become a household name as I pedal that tiny boat around the planet. I do see travel as a key component to your position paid travel, obvie.

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