Marketing Coordinator

17 Edith Dr, Toronto, ON M4R 1Y9, Canada, Part Time

OUR SERVICESEnvironmental Asbestos Removal (Type 1, 2, and 3); In-situ and Ex-situ Remediation, Soil Stabilization and Reengineering, Brownfield Site Management, Underground Tank and Ancillary Piping RemovalDemolition Concrete Recycling, Aggregate Crushing and Screening – Complete Interior/Exterior Demolition and Abatement, Asset and Salvage RecoveryEarthworksBulk, Strip, Muck, Footing, Trench, and Topsoil Excavation – Ditching, Backfill, Grading, Hauling and Shoring ServicesHeavy CivilSewer (Storm and Sanitary Connection/Installation), Watermain, and Roadworks – Including Asphalt, Curb and Gutter, Sidewalk)OUR MISSIONLeveraging multiple and overlapping generations of field experience, MGI is solemnly dedicated to providing our clients with cost-effective and timely service; our employees with a safe and rewarding workplace; and our planet with environmentally sound business strategies and operating procedures.JOB DESCRIPTIONThis position is responsible for the implementation of marketing campaigns which are aimed at increasing brand awareness through a consistent image. Marketing Coordinators will work under the Marketing Manager and leverage their technical and analytical skillset to achieve the company’s marketing objectives. The hours of work will consistently average 40 hours per week (9 am-5 pm), depending on varying contracts and timelines—overtime, weekends and/or evenings are typically not required.JOB RESPONSIBILITIES- Creation of content on blogs, social media, and other media- Implement marketing campaigns to grow our brand’s audience- Leverage web tools such as SEM/SEO to increase visibility- Understand and report on the shifting digital landscape- Analyze traffic, interactions, reach, and other targeted metrics to advertise efficiently- Collect data on target demographic(s) with the goal of better understanding potential client’s interests, demands, and behaviours CERTIFICATES OR TRAINING- Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps- Workplace Violence and Harassment for Employees- Accesibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)- Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)- Post-Secondary Certificate, Degree, or DiplomaTerms and Conditions • This job description should not be considered all-inclusive. It is merely a guide of expected duties related to the position.

The employee understands that the job description is neither complete, nor permanent and may be modified at any time. It can be seen as a foundation that will be modified align with the employee’s experience, skills, and career progression.• You are required to observe and uphold all of the Company’s privacy policies and procedures as implemented or varied from time to time. Collection, storage, access to and dissemination of employee personal information will be in accordance with privacy legislation.• While you are employed at MGI, you will not engage in any other employment, consulting or other business activity (whether full-time or part-time) that would create a conflict of interest with the Company. Upon acceptance of a letter of agreement, you confirm that you have no contractual commitments or other legal obligations that would prohibit you from performing your duties for the Company.



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