Merchandise Process Supervisor

JJXW+CV, North Algona Wilberforce, ON K0J, Canada, Full Time

Job Title: Merchandise Processing Team Leader Responsibilities: Leadership Support the Merchandise Processing Manager by coordinating the efforts of the Merchandise Processing Team Members and Recyclers to ensure timely flow of merchandise to the sales floor- maintaining inventory levels. Assist the Merchandise Processing Manager with the selection, screening, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding of Merchandise Processing Team Members and Recyclers. Lead in the training of Merchandise Processing Team Members and Recyclers in the sorting, inspecting, grading and rolling of all merchandise – among other tasks. Coach Team Members throughout the shift to ensure standards are achieved and maintained.

Work as an integral part of the management team by providing support, attending meetings, and sharing information. Employee Relations Support the Merchandise Processing Manager with providing direction to Merchandise Processing Team Members and Recyclers regarding company policies and procedures. Recognize and report policy infractions to the Merchandise Processing Manager or General Manager. Assist in the implementation of employee recognition programs and events.

Health and Safety Monitor the merchandise processing and recycling area to ensure it is kept in an organized and clean manner in accordance to company housekeeping standards. Take precautionary measures and follow company guidelines against external and internal theft. Take appropriate action when external and internal theft occurs. Provide a safe workplace by identifying and properly removing any hazards and reporting hazards to the Merchandise Processing Manager, General Manager and Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Immediately report and document employee or customer accidents to the Merchandise Processing Manager or General Manager. Departmental Responsibilities Coordinate and assist with the sorting, inspecting, grading, pricing, rolling and ragging of merchandise. Assist the Merchandise Processing Manager with the preparation and execution of sale days. Other Duties Maintain professionalism while communicating with peers, managers and customers.

Collaborate with store management to ensure operations and production work as a team toward the same goals – this may include sharing some responsibilities between the two departments. Perform additional job related duties as requested by the Merchandise Processing Manager or General Manager. Experience: 2 years of experience working in a retail warehouse environment. 1 years of supervisory experience in a high volume fast-paced environment. Previous work in a thrift retail environment is considered an asset.

Core Competencies: Attention to Detail- Carefully monitor the detail and quality of team’s work; provide suggestions and coaching for future development when necessary. Problem Solving- Make decisions and use independent judgment in various situations. Job Recognition- Recognize when to escalate appropriate or specific situations to the Merchandise Processing Manager. Reliability- Shows commitment, dependability and accountability in one’s work, and follows through on all designated tasks and projects regardless of interruption.

Team Building- Work to develop, maintain, and promote positive working relationships within the Merchandise Processing department to promote inclusivity. Communication- Be clear and articulate when speaking to a group or an individual, assuring that the intended message is fully comprehended. Physical Requirements: Ability to stand and walk for the duration of shift. Constant bending, reaching, and using hands for repetitive actions.

Lifting and carrying items up to 50lbs without assistance throughout shift. Pushing and pulling merchandise containers on wheels weighing up to 500lbs. Work Environment: Exposure to dust — all of designated shift. Exposure to periodic temperature fluctuations and noise levels.

Work schedule hours will include days, evenings, weekends and holidays.



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